The Twttr Universe

I never used to like Twitter, until recently. Honestly, people are social animals! Twitter helps them to build and expand social communities, and in these communities you can share all kinds of topics and information. I think my favourite thing about it is that you can search for anything and you can get info quickly. It’s very straight-to-the-point as well because you have limited word space.

Ain’t no body got time fo’ dat!

It just goes to show you how quickly people can get famous lately. They say something funny, or in a weird way and it is all over youtube and being shared and becoming viral in no time. Then after a while someone says – okay, this is getting old lets change it up a bit and add a song to it and remix it…or auto tune it to make it more funny. Like Sweet Brown for instance – and it works! I guess people have lots ‘o time for dat! :p

Film Production – Parodies

A little info

A parody (A.K.A. Spoof), is a comedy movie that makes fun of other movie genres or movies. “Mock busters” are another type of a genre for parody films. The current ones which have been made are “A Haunted House”, “The Worlds End”, and “30 nights of paranormal Activity with the Devil Inside the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.” 

Viral Video

Creating this video was both fun and disappointing. I wanted to get a video of my daughter singing and dancing to Demi Levato’s “Give your heart a break” But instead she started getting tired of it and sitting down on the floor and pouting. I decided it kind of went with the lyrics of the song and ended up using it anyway. Uploading it to Youtube was an issue because they had restricted me from doing so, due to “copyright infringement” of the song. Even after writing in the description no copyright infringement intended.

Engagement 2013

Engagement 2013

My experience doing portrait photography was amazing. I had a couple that wanted to to engagement photos and their love was so pure for each other, I tried to capture that in the photos. I really enjoyed taking the photos of the couple for this because they were very patient and kind considering the weather conditions. It was shot outdoors in bright natural light in the freezing cold with snow up to our knees, and it didn’t help the fact that the woman was wearing a dress and high heels – but we made it work! This shoot took a lot of patience from me as well as the couple but overall, the outcome was great, and would love to do more shoots like this in the future!

Twitter Spam Blocker

I found a great page for blocking Twitter spam. It’s called TwitBlock. Its scans your followers for buggy accounts and blocks them. It also allows you to see who you’ve already blocked. It’s a completely free service and was built by Tim Whitlock in 2009 just for fun.